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U-Nik Stylez x Brutal Caesar "The Meaning" LP

Seasoned emcee U-Nik Stylez enlists Brutal Caesar for the new album titled “The Meaning.” The 10-track project features an arrangement of diverse Hip Hop talents including DJ Soulbuck, DJ Jaffe, Think 2wice, Jace the Truth, Recognize Ali, Ekspan, and Revalation. The production ranges from worldly soundscapes to suspenseful tones, to gritty boom-bap to soulful renditions, with heavy bass and drums pulsating throughout the project.

“Anymore” intro’s the album, asking who does it like this anymore. This referring to U-Nik’s lyrical professor and underground treasure status. He’s closing out shows, touring overseas, and causing mayhem in the booth. “The Movement” focuses on U-Nik’s mission to fix the game and provide a little Hip Hop improvement. He has something to prove with nothing to lose and prepared for both so adjust the headset.

In “Unusal Lov3”, U-Nik flows a little something for the ladies. His storytelling embodies the emotions of a special love turned volatile, a melodic sermon everyone can relate to. “Painted Pictures” brings it right back to the message at hand. U-Nik hammers down on artists who lack the gift of bars while he’s painting pictures with swords and tools, with distinct precision. “Outside” is a hardbody track with no sugar coating or bubble gum raps. It’s simply a bad decision for wave riders and haters to catch U-Nik outside. “Chemistry” is a tale of delivering messages through songs. U-Nik breaks down the science of lyricism that stems from his pad and pen. He once was dancing with the devil, now he’s spitting gems about the devil’s lack of coordination.

“2 Ill” is the vein pumping, classic Hip Hop gem of the project. Make way for U-Nik as he makes a household name for himself. His sick rhymes and mastered punchlines are better than before. Simply put, he’s ‘2 ill.’ “Move” piggybacks that lyrical PSA as U-Nik forces everyone out the way so he can do what he does in the booth and in the music jungle; he’s claiming his stance. “Nothing” wraps up the album reiterating that nothing or no one can stop his takeover. His life is the booth, radio, and stages on repeat.

U-Nik displays his growth as a lyricist and the ability to curate timeless music. Each track brings forth his suited A-game and natural genius of rhyme schemes and clever wordplay. Stream “The Meaning” and connect with U-Nik Stylez below.

U-Nik Stylez x Brutal Caesar “The Meaning” on Apple Music | Tidal | Google Play | Bandcamp

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