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under the middle media

Under the Middle Media (U.T.M. Media) is a platform that provides meaningful content for the independent prosumer, that wants mainstream quality with independent relatability.
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The Artist Incubator


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Collaboration and bridge building is at the core of UTM Media. The Artist Incubator Hub is a community where artists of all ages from various backgrounds come together to collaborate and network. While equitable access to technology is essential, the community @ The Artist Incubator Hub enables the students and the Community the opportunity to learn from the Masters, which in turn creates quality learning experiences for everyone.


UTM Media brings together a diverse community of artists (all disciplines), that collaborate in all things media to create a quality learning environment for its members


  • One-stop shop

  • Intimate groups of artists

  • Experts available in various areas of expertise

  • Peer 2 Peer

  • Conveniently accessed media and content


An inclusive and diverse culture based on collaboration, sharing of creative and innovative ideas, and inspiring other community members

Building Blocks for Success

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Live & Virtual

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Mastermind Focus

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