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Chris Rivers Pays Respects to XXXTENTACION in New Freestyle “RIP X” @OnlyChrisRivers

Chris Rivers releases a new freestyle this week, one that hits home to many if not all listeners. Rivers freestyles over XXXTENTACION’S “Carry On” freestyle titled “RIP X”.

Although the record is clearly paying tribute and respects to the late rapper, Rivers lyrically divulges about ex’s who are dead to him.

Rivers is by far one of the most honest and personal rappers out today. He doesn’t hesitate to let listeners into his life or thoughts regardless of how dark they might be.  Bar for bar he genuinely gives us something real to grasp and relate to rapping about broken hearts, depression, and estranged family dynamics, just to name a few personal topics.

“They still wind up leaving me, am I that hard to love” -Rivers

Listen to “RIP X” below.

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