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Lowkei Drops "A Bug's Life"

Lowkei is a hot new mc hailing from Columbia, South Carolina who has recently signed with

Jackson Brand Management as one of their lead clients. As a result of that partnership his new record "A Bug’s Life" has been buzzing at indie stations and outlets across the country from NYC to New Jersey and even Cleveland Ohio to name a few.

Despite his recent success, Lowkei takes it all in stride. While many in his position would be rushing to be "the one that put the city and/or state on the map" this humble yet confident young man would like to simply follow the plan laid out by his team, run sale and streams up on the single, be ready for shows when the country opens back up, full length in the works, all while staying "Lowkei". Stream “A Bug’s Life” and connect with Lowkei on Instagram and Twitter @official_lowkei.

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