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Steve "Let's Go Guy" Sxaks - 'Raynor' LP

Philly’s own “Let’s Go Guy” Steve Sxaks returns with his sophomore album ‘Raynor’, available now on major platforms. The artist, producer, engineer, and CEO recruits a diverse selection of multi-talented artists for the 8-track project including Majiii, Erica Scott, B.Raysor Reed, Irv the Villian, Makeda B., Juggalo Nick, Corfu, M11SON, Tray Digga, Spazz Black, Franky Deemz, Mikey Eyes, Rapperohm, Maatthue Raheem, and MG the Golem King.

Sxaks ingeniously curates a multi-genre infused project accentuating a kaleidoscope of rock meets Hip-Hip both production and bar wise. In a sense, it transcends listeners into a Red Hot Chili Peppers era and brings them right back with an uncanny twist of lyricism. Not just anyone is able to pull off that type of mastery, but with the likes of his features, an epic canvas of music has been painted. Stream ‘Raynor’ and watch the video for “Rolling Stone”, which can be heard on FM stations worldwide.

Stream ‘Raynor’ on preferred platforms here

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